When Not In Doubt, Get In Doubt!

When your phone rings, water it! That is the line that best sums up discordianism. In the late noughties Maahes Jones and Ricardo Azul set out to see if they could translate that principle to music. But the musical lunacy didn’t end there! The two men also shared a love for extremely bad B-movies and Troma and that too became a big influence in what would ultimately become the ’08 album Tippin’ Infectious Cows In The Awesomely Evil Galaxy Of Groovy Terror.

But while the crazy themes dictated the look and feel of the album, the sound was more a product of how different their musical backgrounds were. Jones, who had played on stage as a contemporary jazz musician brought a more funky feel to the sound while record producer Azul was responsible for the more electronic feel. Together they created a sound that is both electronic, experimantal and weird at times and funky, tight and well formed at others, all while still creating discordian deviations from conventional musical wisdom.

The duo followed the Tippin’-album up a few years later with Miraculously Marvelous Mesmerising Musical Mind Magic. Meanwhile whispers of a third ablum have been going around the studio.


Zombeef Apocalypse


After deciding they were going to take the Troma-lunacy to the next level, while working on some of the tunes for their first album, Jones and Azul met with another record producer by the name of Geokoer to discuss the production of a radio play about a zombie apocalypse in which not humans but cows had been affected by the zombie-virus. The radio play was outlined but ultimately never came off the ground. Regardless, it’s influence on the album is clearly noticeable and Geokoer even went on to feature its main theme on it. In recent years Jones, who is also part of the team behind the comic book Eclipse has opted to make Zombeef, the story from the radio play, into Eclipse’s meta-comic instead.




Tippin' Infectious Cows In The Awesomely Evil Galaxy Of Groovy Terror



Miraculously Marvelous Mesmerising Musical Mind Magic