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We are Purple Corn Studios, an autonomous media art collective consisting of artists of all trades from across the globe working together to enrich pop culture with original content, convey contemporary paradigms and contribute to improving creative industries.

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In The Spotlight

A Journey Of Discovery

Here at Purple Corn Studios we have some pretty wild ambitions but we’ve often said a lot of those ambitions hinge on what is perhaps our most prominent child of mind; our comic book Eclipse. The journey to creating that comic book hasn’t been easy. One thing we’ve struggled with is how to properly introduce our audience to the enormous extended universe in which our comics play out. How do you make an introduction compelling enough to get people interested without spilling all the beans? May sound like a straightforward enough conundrum but truth is it has taken us quite some time. After shelving several would-be first issues, the solution ultimately presented itself in the form of another one of our projects. At the time we were also working on Mean Streak, screenplay for a motion picture about a girl that discovers that there’s more to the world than meets the eye. It occurred to us that that was exactly what we had been struggling to convey in previous first-issue attempts. We went to work on retrofitting Mean Streak into Eclipse. Now the world we are introducing to the protagonist and the we world we are introducing to the audience is one and the same!

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Eclipse - Chapter One

Mean Streak

City girl Luna is bored with her tedious, mundane life but she gets a little more that she bargained for when a childhood friend pays her an unexpected visit and drags her into a war waged in the shadows of the city. As it begins to dawn on Luna that her life was never quite as simple as she thought, she realizes that the only way to escape the tumultuous world of strange apparitions and government conspiracies is to uncover her true heritage.