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Some days you just want to share stuff for shits and giggles. Pictures, artwork, music, videos, stories, you name it. Stuff that isn’t intellectual property or, for that matter, altogether intellectual. Poppycock can be fun too, you know!



Tate 立 Mono 者

“I was a young store clerk in the late 1980s in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Every night I went to bed with the humming of the machines of my workplace in my head: an air conditioner, a compressor, a bad radio; and of the equally muddled conversation of shoppers and their children, parents and/or gaudy looking beloved. For reference: I worked in a tool shop or maybe a shopfront for a tool factory, and I was so specialized at hammers that people would eventually call me ‘the hammer’ (tsuchi-rin) and later in my career simply ‘the main man’.

I suppose with my music I try to tell tales of this incoherent buzzing, but I also try to express that force inside of me that went against this storm of aural pixels and dust, a monolithic darkness that denied any roundness of universe or feeling.

Haha, in 2008 I met somebody who said they worked for ‘Purple Corn’ and we became friends because that is the title of one of my tracks, well, ‘Nampankibi Murasaki’, the one with the restaurant recording, do you know it?”